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We carry an ample supply of valves and valve parts on hand, so we can perform repairs and rebuild on any valve. High-pressure cylinders are required to be hydrostatically tested, and using this test helps maintain the safety standards and durability of SCBA over time.

Calibration & Instrumentation Services

NEZO offers a comprehensive calibration service for all makes of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic torque tools across selected regional offices in Ghana. All in-house calibration equipment has valid, independently approved ‘UKAS’ calibration certificates renewed annually.

Maintenance & Repairs

Industries worldwide lose huge investments due to the breakdown of capital Intensive Hydraulic and Mechanical Tools. This loss can be drastically reduced with the use of Tool specialists and maintenance experts, even at short notice. NEZO is a Certified Partner of Hi-force Hydraulics tools-UK with the capacity and technical know-how to provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance services.

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